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 Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLRs)


I. Students will develop the academic and critical thinking skills necessary to become effective communicators and productive members of  society.

  • Develop proficient skills in all core subject areas.
  • Develop the ability to positively and productively communicate with other members of society and in the workplace.
  • Develop critical thinking skills in order to make wise choices and solve problems.
  • Identify personal creative abilities.  

II. Demonstrate Responsibility and Respect for Self and Others.

  • Develop responsibility both academically and personally.
  • Develop an awareness of personal wellness.
  • Develop a positive attitude in order to promote self-esteem in self and others.
  • Develop effective and responsible interpersonal and socialization skills.
  • Understand social issues and respect different points of view.

III. Students will demonstrate Civic Responsibility and Career Awareness.

  • Participate in community and school service.
  • Become aware of future training and school options in order to prepare for the workplace and develop lifelong learning habits.
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