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College Information


College Information

The state of California provides three separate and independent systems of high education. These consist of about sixty community colleges, nineteen campuses of California state colleges and universities, and nine campus of the University of California.


Community Colleges

The local community colleges are: Skyline College, College of San Mateo, Cañada College, and City College of San Francisco. The entrance at these schools is either graduation from high school or reaching the age of eighteen. In addition to offering general education courses, these schools have two types of programs:

  • Technical and Vocational Training: One and two year programs in a large number of occupation-centered areas such as cosmetology, nursing, business, computer sciences, welding technology, auto mechanics, radio, and television.
  • Two Year Transfer Programs: Students enrolled in a community college may complete the first two years of a four year college program, then transfer to a UC or CSU program.


California State Colleges and Universities

For the California State University System, eligibilty for entrance is determined by a combination of the grade point average and the score on a standard entrance examination like the SAT or ACT. A chart is available showing the test score required for each grade point average. This system requires that the applicant must have completed algebra, geometry and four years of college preparatory English with a C grade or better.


Other Colleges and Universities

Students interested in gaining admission to colleges or universities other than those described will find that generally meeting University of California standards is sufficient. Conferring with a counselor and examining the catalogs of colleges and universities in which the student may be interested is recommended early in the high school career to assure the entrance requirements are met.

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