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Program Comparison


What's the Difference?

Comprehensive HS Program   Continuation HS Program
End of school semester. Promotion Anytime during the school year.
Specific amount must be covered in a given time. Content Pupils progress at their own achievement.
Evaluated on a semester credit. Credit Earned upon completion of proficiency requirements.
Usually two semesters of work covers one academic year. Course Progress Dependent upon student's rate of learning, motivation, and accomplishment.
Group insruction emphasized, teacher is a dispenser of information Teaching Individualized instruction based upon diagnosis and prescription.


Baden High School is the continuation high school that serves the South San Francisco Uified School District (SSFUSD). Baden High School has been fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Baden High School is designed to offer a viable alternative to the traditional high school setting. Students respond well to the small, personalized setting and individualized educational programs.

We subscribe to and implement the educational philosophy of the South San Francisco Unified School District. Additionally, we believe that Baden High School provides an alternative education program for those students whose learning styles, personalities, needs, and overall interests have not been met within the designed framework of traditional comprehensive high school.

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