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Graduation Requirements


Graduation Requirements


A. Graduation requirements (180 credits) for Baden High School are as follows:

4 years English 40 credits
1 years World History 10 credits
1/2 year Health & Safety 5 credits
2 years Math (including Algebra 1) 20 credits
2 years


1 year Life Science +

1 year Physical Science

20 credits
1 year U.S. History 10 credits
1/2 year Government 5 credits
1/2 year Economics 5 credits
1 year Fine Arts 10 credits
2 years P.E./ Sports 20 credits
  Electives * 35 credits
  Total 180 credits

(220 credits are required for SSFHS and ECHS )

B. Successfully complete one year of Algebra or its equivalent with a passing grade.

C. Successfully pass the state-mandated High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).

D. Fifteen (15) hours of community service.

E. Achieve at least minimum proficiency in reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics as measured on the California Standards Test (STAR/CST).

F. Satisfactory completion of the "School to Career" class.

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